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Thinking Time :iconthewanderingcactus:TheWanderingCactus 0 0
Flitter-A spring poem
Float and Flitter
Sing and dance
Come O Spring!
Bring thy wild romance
Wake the sleeping world
From it's slumber deep
There is only so long
that anyone should spend asleep!
Bring your warm rains
Bring your sweet sun
The time of slumber is over
Let's have some fun!
When spring comes
So too will the clover, the flowers, and leaves
And so too will long times of talk
as people picnic amongst the fair trees
Yet forget not what work
Spring will require
For only with great effort
Will a part be as successful as one would desire
So dance and run
Jump and sing!
For only with great effort
Will one bring about spring
:iconthewanderingcactus:TheWanderingCactus 0 0
Fragment -- Walking Dreams in the Night
"RRRWORRR!" the cat shrieked as it leaped away from its enemy. It then hissed and streaked down the dark empty streak like an inkblot.
    The other shadow hiding behind the hedges just barely managed to avoid jumping at this sudden disturbance. Holding completely still, she listened for further noises but heard none. Nothing at all.
    Why do nice old neighborhoods have to be so quiet at….oh, wow 1:03AM. Damn. Theresa thought, as she glanced left and right down Amber Lane.
    Where is that boy?
    Her wait continued like this for another two and a half hours. Around 3:30AM she had fallen asleep against the side of Ms. Gringewitch's house.
    She dreamed of elephants, princesses, and a great battle in which fields were soaked in blood.
    She didn't realize she'd attracted the attention of one of the phantasms that roam the night.
    It had no name, no s
:iconthewanderingcactus:TheWanderingCactus 0 0
A Winter Morning
The backwards moon draws me out to the day;
  The night, paling, sees it lost to dawn's glow.
So I venture outside and make my way
 Down through the woods to far fields I know.
There I wander at once free and alone
  Surrounded by glowing snow-covered ground
Or not? For all this time no birds have flown
  Yet the cold, clear morning stirs with a sound
A song, a spirit ghosts through the trees
  And on one slender branch floats a young girl
Playing her flute, barely making a breeze
  As I see stars about the nightingale twirl
As the last one comes in, arm turns to wing
  And she flies from the coming spring
:iconthewanderingcactus:TheWanderingCactus 2 0
What I know
Why is it so strange
To write a poem about
making poetry?
"I write about what I know,"
So someone once said
The finished product is what we create
but it is so new
we don't truly know it.
When the focus shifts
and we look not at our goal
but at our process
(As we are often taught to do)
Why then,
Is it so odd
To write a poem about making a poem?
:iconthewanderingcactus:TheWanderingCactus 1 0
Ah well.
I've been walking for a long time.
I've seen many things, traveled many places,
Known many people...
Yet here I am:
On a long and winding path once more
With only the bare trees for company.
Don't you dare think I'm lonely,
because I'm not.
When the world grows quiet and still,
I'm not lonely; I'm free.
Free to know myself,
Free to dream my own dreams,
Free to reflect upon myself
As though in a mirrored pool
Undisturbed by the rippling opinions of others...
So too can I see the world in my mind's eye,
For here, far from human company,
I become an unbiased observer
Remembering their kindnesses and cruelties in equal measure
Here I'm free to remember things that I'd just as soon forget
Ha, but look at me wax eloquent.
I think that I just might be lonely after all.
The silence here is beautiful
But it is cold and I long for warm human laughter
So then I sigh once more.
Ah well.
Step by step, that is the only way forward,
The only way to finish an endless jour
:iconthewanderingcactus:TheWanderingCactus 0 0


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Thinking Time
So I made this to prove a point to myself that I can do art, if only at a laughably basic level. I felt compelled to prove that point after spending way too many hours looking at pretty things here and leaving comments all over the place. If I was going to comments on art pieces, I should at least contribute something other than a couple of offhand pieces of poetry. So thank you DeviantArt for finally inspiring me to make a work of visual art for the first time in...awhile.

This is actually my second try at making this particular piece and applying the lessons I learned from the first version. I'm proud of that tree in particular because it now has actual texture to make it look like bark rather than just brownness. It also has some sense of tree anatomy, which wasn't something I'd ever had to think about before. There are a lot of other details that still bother me a lot, but it isn't a sketch and it isn't so horribly lopsided that i want to mercy-kill it. And I had a lot of fun making it.

So, on the whole, I'm proud of myself. 
I've been busy lately (aren't we all?) but I've still found time to just wander around online and read random things. One of today's random things was an article on Cracked by John Cheese about the legacy broken homes and broken childhoods. There were so many comments that shared similar stories of how people had suffered through difficult circumstances.

It makes me wonder about how hard it is to be a person. Somebody who can see other people and treat them well. Somebody who can treat themselves well. How the legacy of pain and sorrow shadows people. How the internet is like a sponge, which seems to draw these stories out of people who might not have even shared them with friends. 

As Calvin once said under much more innocent circumstances, "The world is a complicated place, Hobbes."


United States


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